Leading the development of domestic vaccines employing a “preemptive strategy”

We will develop a library of microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases in humans, promote basic research that will contribute to vaccine development, and implement a “preemptive strategy” to implement the contribution of the results to society.

Specifically, we will isolate and identify microorganisms that may cause infectious diseases in humans from humans, wild animals, domestic animals, arthropods, etc., store them in a pathogen library, and analyze their pathogenicity and transmissibility. In doing so, we will select candidates for vaccine development. In addition, we will promote the establishment of a system that can promptly provide domestically produced vaccines, including the preparation of vaccine seed viruses, trial production and preclinical trials of pandemic model vaccines.

Outline of Our Division

We will establish a Division of vaccine development, a Division of biological response analysis , and a Division of Vaccinology for clinical development. Each Division will work co-operatively on research and development to achieve our overall mission. In addition, we have established a Division of research support as an organization that supports the research system within each of these Divisions.

What is the “Japan Initiative for World-leading Vaccine Research and Development Centers”?

Based on the “Strategy for Strengthening Vaccine Development and Production Systems” (approved by the Cabinet on June 1, 2021), we will establish unprecedented world-class R&D bases (flagship bases, synergy bases) and The purpose of this project is to develop institutions that support research and development, and to strengthen and promote related research with an eye toward exit, centering on the research center in normal times. Please click here for more details.